Jury Statement | Max Ophüls Preis 2019


“This is a sensitive and intelligent film that conveys a strong cinematic and aesthetic vision. Dreamlike and at the same time with a certain distance, this film tells its story in clearly composed, tableau-like images. The delicate film music plays on the film’s exhilarating subject in a fascinating and unsettling manner. Edited densely and alluringly, the spectator following the portrayed relationships of the protagonists, at first not without a certain lust of sensations, soon discovers deeply human traits in the new artificial lifeforms. “Unpredictable, emotional, shy, intelligent, sexy” – Chuck can chose from those character traits how the almost perfect robot-lady Harmony will react, but if she can ever be the perfect partner of the future world stays open. Excitedly, we are awaiting new developments. The film draws up ambivalent visions, but induces a playful, empathetic perspective, making its audience smile again and again. We warmly congratulate the whole team.”

Natascha Cartolaro, Karim Sebastian Elias und Antje Kruska

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